Let me tell you what I and a group of like minded friends did, a little over a year ago. We are members of a local America First Patriots group. We all joined our local county Republican Party, which had been run for years by a group of nice but ineffective locals who used the group as a monthly coffeeklutch, and did little else. Most of them are the go along to get along type and didn’t seem to mind which direction the party was headed, or that our state Rep and State Senator voted with the Dems more often than they did with their own party.

Once we got a critical mass of members, we ran for Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. And won. Now we have a group that is actually active. We meet, we invite speakers, we brainstorm, we write letters, make phone calls and yes, we even write letters to the editor of our local leftist rag. Some of them even get published. We actually invite local writers to our events which we videotape. Some of us went on to run for Precinct Delegates, and we won those seats too. So now we attend the bi-annual state Republican Convention.

We have since coordinated with the county republicans of the rest of the counties here in MI and had many Zoom calls, and in person events. And we are pretty much on the same page. So at our last State Convention, all of us Precinct Delegates were able to vote out the RINO who had been in charge of the state party and replace him with a rock-solid conservative Christian chairwoman (you may have read about this in the Gateway Pundit 😉)

So little by little, we are taking back our state. Many of us also serve on election integrity committees, recruitment committees (looking to recruit real conservatives to run for sheriff and other offices), etc.

But I can see, that at least in our little corner of the world, we are starting to make a difference.

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I am a poll worker in Warren County, Virginia and while it makes for a long day, starting at 0430 and usually ending at about 2030, I enjoy serving my community and on this point I agree with the author.

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